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10 Important Things to Check before purchasing a home

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So, you are in the market for a new house. You have decided that you are ready to go out and look for the best fit for you and your family. However, before you sit down with your realtor and discuss the papers, you need to be aware of a few things first. No matter what type of house you wish to obtain, many unexpected things could happen such as faulty electrical or bad appliances. Below, we have a few important things to check before you make a house purchase.

1. Ensure Functionality of the Home´s Appliances
Having all new appliances in the house should not be confused with functionality. This is why you need to check and test each appliance individually. This means go around and let the microwave cook for a few seconds, check the oven burners, oven light, run the dishwasher, washer and dryer etc. It´s good to do this especially when you decide to do a check after the house inspection is complete.

2. Check the Electrical Outlets with an Electronic Device Charger
After checking the appliances, you should now check each and every electrical outlet in the house. Do this by plugging an electrical device into each outlet in every space.

3. Inspect the Electrical Panel
When the house is inspected, it will only be a review and will unlikely include all you would expect. Normally, a home´s electric panel box should appear orderly and with complete distinction as to what wire goes where. When an electrical panel box is in disarray, a future hazard may occur.

4. Ensure that all Doors and Windows Properly Open/Close
With fall among us and winter just around the corner, nothing should be overlooked when it comes to keeping the house warm, this includes all windows and doors properly opening and closing. Having any cold drafts can put a real damper on comfort. So, as you check other things in each space, ensure that the door and windows of the space are working properly.

5. Check All Plumbing
Although minor plumbing should not deter you from purchasing a house, it is still a better idea to ensure that the plumbing is squared away before moving in. This is mainly in relation to plumbing issues, showers, and toilets. It is important that these areas get checked.

6. Check for Leaky Areas
A house is prone to many areas where water can accumulate. This is important to know and remain aware of this. This is particularly true for patios that drain water. It is important that these underground drains remain unblocked and in good working order, as well as any gutters remaining unclogged and allowing for smooth water drainage. Having the foundation remain dry will prevent any costly repairs in the future.

7. Keep the Basement in Mind
The basement can become a big problem if water gets unchecked and mold/mildew begins to grow and spread. Except for after a huge amount of rain falls, you may have a difficult time figuring out if it is a true problem. However, you need to especially check for any strange smells that may be coming from the basement. Having a musty smell is an obvious sign of water being present. During a house inspection an evaluation of this can be made, but make sure to watch for water spots or rust on metal pipes.

8. Keep the Sinks in Mind
While checking out the kitchen and bathroom, make sure to check the beneath all of the sinks. By giving a look, you will be able to notice any accumulation of water or water damage. Make sure to check them after the water has been running for a few minutes.

9. Consider your Location for the House
Having a nice location should be an important part to consider before buying your house. However, nearly 25% of potential buyers are unable to locate a perfect place for their house.  Being unable to find the perfect location should not be an issue, but when you talk to Aventura real estate in South Florida, they will be able to easily locate the perfect spot. The following are a few things to keep in mind:

+ Accessibility
When a house is accessible to other areas, the cost will be higher because of the little distance. In fact, a potential home buyer may see a significant amount of price increase just by being 15 minutes away from town. Remember though, a house with good accessibility is now becoming very rare to find due to the number of workers working remotely now. This allows for a shorter time for commute and thus decreased house values in the area.
+ Area Amenities
By having amenities close, you will be able to enjoy a nice walk for lunch or a nice bike ride to do some shopping. Get familiar with the local area and see what types of parks there are. If living remotely is your thing, then having a house away from town will be your thing, maybe in locations less traveled by others.
+ The School Standards
When searching for a new house, having the best school standards is very important. This is why having a school that serves quality education is located nearby. This also means the school will be able to support a child´s entire educational growth. In order for your children to receive the full benefits of a quality education, you need to research the schools. Start by taking a trip to the school to get an idea of what the school offers. You can still take a trip even if no children are involved, because having a house close to a school may increase the sale value if a buyer purchases it and they have children.+ Is the area known for flooding
Having a house in a flood area may require you to obtain home insurance specifically for flooding. Getting in touch with the listing real estate company in South Florida should tell you.

+ Property Location of the House
Is your experience what you expected it to be? Does it allow for a good amount of sunlight? Is it comfortable enough and makes you feel safe? Keep in mind of how far you will need to drive to the front door. Keep in mind of any property characteristics which may turn into a winter hazard such as the driveway.

+ 10. Search for the right price
The house´s price should be what you are interested in paying and whether you can buy the house you want. Of course, it may be fun to have a house that is out of your budget, but you may also experience failure when you take on too much of a financial debt that you cannot truly afford.

Setting a home budget that works for you
By implementing a calculator tool, you will be able to set a budget that is determined by your amount of payment, income, and all monthly debt. You can then incorporate an alert for homes that come within your desired price range.

Get loan approval
You can easily obtain approval from a lender that will cover the amount you are looking to pay and can afford based on creditworthiness and income.

Estimating the Mortgage
By estimating the mortgage with Aventura, you are able to calculate the payments for the mortgage with a realtor. You can also have taxes added into the estimate as well as any and all taxes and fees in order for you to have a clear mortgage amount.